GVAD’s 40th Annual Cornfest Tickets Available NOW!!

Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf’s

40th Annual Cornfest Festival

When: Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Time: 12:30 pm-1:00 am

Where: Bear Creek Park, 13750- 88th Avenue, Surrey

Door prizes

Display of cornfest’s history

The bar will be open after 3:00 pm

EARLY BIRD – Before August 31st                        LATE BIRD AT DOOR on Septmeber 8th

$35.00 ~ Adults                                                          $40.00 – Students/Adults/Seniors

$25.00 ~ Seniors

$15.00 ~ Teens and youth adults ( in school or college/university)

$10.00 ~ Children (Age 12 and less)                                       Smokies only – with chips and drink


Contact gvadoffice@gmail.com for tickets

Ticket Sellers:   Christopher Polson, Peggy Fee, Kimberly Wood, GVAD office, and BCSDF office ( Leonor Johnson)


If you cannot purchase an cornfest ticket in person, you can do an e transfer to poppy6peggy@gmail.com and send in your name and preference of meat choice, PULLED PORK, OR CHICKEN, OR SPICY BLACK BEAN to gvadoffice@gmail.com . 

The Cornfest Ticket will include one year GVAD membership. 

Thank you

printable flyer in PDF and DOC:

2018 – Cornfest Flyer 1

2018 – Cornfest Flyer 1


Special Guests are Coming to Victoria on September 22, 2018

We got an special request to share two videos from facebook, and we had to record them and have it embedded in the YouTube for the viewers of DeafBC.


Tickets are available through Denise Reed and her committee, Email address: aslsqente18den@gmail.com     or www.aslsqentertainment.ca

Printable forms in PDF:

aslsq sat event

aslsq ticket form Sat only 2

BC ASL&LSQ events in Victoria BC on September 22nd

Vlog in ASL only // Vlog en ASL seulement

This video is to provide more information on the BC ASL & LSQ Events in Victoria, BC.


Lindsay: Hi, my name is Lindsay Carroll. I am Chairperson of the CAD-ASC BC ASL & LSQ Awareness Day. Which will happen on September 22, 2018 from 12 – 2pm.

I want to explain to you about different things about the event For one, this is a gathering not like a rally with protesting, or that kind of thing…This is to show the government that we want to recognize our language, across Canada. Working in unity and collaboration with teams in other Provinces.

I would like to let you know about possibility of the bus transportation. Mari Klassen is the other chairperson taking care of the arrangements for bus transportation from Vancouver to Victoria, Mari herself is not here but you can contact her for more information.

I would like to introduce you to another co-chairperson, whose name is Nicole Sellars from the BC Hummingbirds Society for the Deaf.

Nikki : Hello my name is Nicole Sellars and I am Chief of the BC Hummingbird Society for the Deaf. My tribe is Secwépemc First Nations, my band specifically is Xats’ull, in Williams Lake, North British Columbia.

I am the other co-chairperson for BC ASL & LSQ, thank you for getting me involved with this big event. I wanted to be involved because it is to my understanding that the process for Indigenous sign recognition will happen soon, eventually. I am excited about that happening!

Lindsay:I am excited about that happening too! I have a lot of planning to do…I need help to tap others to come and be a part of ASL & LSQ Day here in Victoria, British Columbia (BC)

This is the event for all those in BC. What do I need – volunteers – emergency assistants (first aid), food servers, clean up crews, setting up, and many things. Many things that I will list in various places on social media sites.

I would also like to take a moment to ask you all to support by going to your MP in your riding to advocate and encourage them to vote in support Bill C-81 – “Accessible Canada Act (ACA)” for them to include in the Act sign language recognition in all of Canada, which is important because these are your human, and language rights! This will advance the quality of life and improve to the level equal as the rest of society.

We had people let us know they were confused about two events, yes there is BC ASL & LSQ but also there is another event, Nikki, would you mind explaining more about this other event?

Nikki: Yes, the other activities hosted by this company is owned by Denise Read and yes the events hosted by the company are being held on the same day September 22nd at the Victoria Event Centre which is located nearby, over this way and these events start at 9am. to about 1130am. or 11:45am. The walk between the VEC over here to the Legislative Building over here is about 10-15 minute walk. At about this time, the buses should arrive with the people coming for the ASL & LSQ Awareness Event.

ASL & LSQ Awareness Day Event will take place between 12 and 2 at the legislative building. After that, ticket-holders can start walking back to the ASLSQ Entertainment events, where the events will start at about 2:45 and last throughout the afternoon and evening.

We as a community work in collaboration and we all value ASL and LSQ.

Lindsay: Thank you for clarifying! I hope you will come and celebrate the big day with us by being a part of history in BC and the rest of Canada to have our language rights and human rights recognized.

*high five slap* SEE YOU THERE!

Blooper at end: Lindsay: I was supposed to sign my name first!

ASL O Canada signer at BC Lions, August 9th. Teanna Santos-Kay

We have received the video clip from the BC lions against Edmonton Eskimos last August 9, 2018. The Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf is honored to have BCSD Elementary student, Teanna Santos-Kay singing O Canada before the BC Lions game starts! The video clip was shown on the JumboTron inside the game, not shown on Television.


Enjoy the video clip!

Jodi’s Vlog: “ASL-LSQ = Official Languages in Canada”

A post was made on Facebook yesterday but Jodi Birley wanted to make sure that people who don’t have Facebook still get to watch an important message about Sept. 22 coming up.
“ATTENTION Families, friends, colleagues, and allies in Canada!!  You know, I don’t make vlogs very often unless they’re urgent… well, I have made another one just now because there’s an important movement happening in Deaf Canada that we cannot afford to miss.  This important topic is a little too quiet for my comfort so I decided to make some ripples for more attention!!  The future of Deaf Canada need us to step up NOW.
NOW is the time to make our ASL/LSQ official in Canada for ‘a truly inclusive and accessible’ country as Minister Duncan quoted in her proposal for our new bill called ACCESSIBLE CANADA ACT that is currently going through the Parliament.  There will be NO justice for the Deaf until ‘language accessibility’ is included in the proposal.
Stay tuned for more information from CAD and chairpersons in your province!  But for now, mark yourself unavailable on September 22, 2018 so you can attend and support the movement!  Spread the word!!”
Watch the vlog here:

ASL Interpreted show at Vancouver Aquarium

Which Species Are On The ‘Ark’? The Devastating Decline in Amphibian Numbers & What Zoos and Aquariums are Doing | Ocean Matters Lecture

Tuesday, 28-Aug-2018 @ 7pm (doors 6.30pm)

The Devastating Decline in Amphibian Numbers & What Zoos and Aquariums are Doing

Amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders, face serious threats including habitat loss, pollution, and disease. The threats are so extreme that at least one third of amphibians are threatened with extinction. Therefore, in 2007, the Amphibian Ark organization was formed to coordinate efforts to save amphibian species with a low chance of surviving in the wild.

The last chance for some species is the establishment of captive populations in zoos and aquariums. But what amphibian species are in these institutions and are they the ones with the greatest conservation need? In this talk, Alannah Biega examines the role that zoos and aquariums are playing in the conservation of this important group of animals. From researching the efforts of institutions worldwide (including a salamander breeding program run by a Mexican nunnery) to presenting her work at one of the oldest zoos in the world, Alannah shares her insight into the novel efforts to save species at the brink of extinction.

About Alannah

Alannah is a graduate of Simon Fraser University, where she pursued a Masters of Science exploring the role that zoos and aquaria play in species conservation. Her interest in this area inspired her to pursue a career at Ocean Wise and she has worked with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup since Fall 2017. Alannah uses her background in data analysis and public engagement to inspire citizens to make a positive difference in their communities by leading a cleanup at their local shoreline.

Price: Free, but register here to guarantee your seat
Accessibility: This event will be ASL signed and is wheel-chair accessible
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium

For more information see ocean.org/oceanmatters