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Air Canada Ordered To Pay Deaf Man $10,000

Bravo, Eddie Morten!


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4 comments on “Air Canada Ordered To Pay Deaf Man $10,000

  • Winnipeggerguy and Mr Mandzuik,
    It is obviously you dont care about Deaf or Deafblind’s rights or have no idea why Air Canada actually violated our rights. You narrow minds, shame on you! Like it or not. YOU LOST. Eddie WON.
    Smell double espresso!
    Look at the score…
    Deaf and Deafblind 1
    You 0

    Tough luck

  • Robert Mandziuk

    February 9, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Deaf and blind in 1980 or deaf and blind in 2009… what’s the difference?

    Enjoy paying more for your next Air Canada fare thanks to this, Mr. Tarchuk.

  • Are you crazy? He phoned Air Canada, said he was deaf and blind, and they said he must use an attendant. Fair to me. What about in an emergency when he can’t hear voice instructions over the intercom? The passenger beside him sure won’t know how to tell him what’s going on.

    Shame on you, Eddie for manipulating the justice system.

    On behalf of Canadian’s I apologize to Air Canada for this horrible ruling… I for one, would not want to be the Air Canada agents guiding this deaf and blind man around the airports. Shame on you, tribunal. And shame on you too, Patrick, for enjoying when Canada interferes in free business. If he doesn’t like Air Canada’s policies… go elsewhere, like the rest of us.

    Air Canada should counter-sue Eddie boy… for wasting their time.

  • Patrick Tarchuk

    January 31, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Nice effort, Mr Morten!

    Wake up Air Canada!!! Smell coffee! Its 2009!


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