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Poll: BC TV Stations Closed Caption

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  • Generally I do find CC quite satisfactory on most channels. I find most enthic channels somewhat lacking perhaps due to their own cultures’ understandings of the Deaf, HH and others who could greatly benefit from CC and I find several older filmings lacking CC. Also, with News generally, I find that live captioning is very lacking or just so far off from the current dialogues of its reporters. The quality of CC could be improved in those areas.
    There is one annoying pet peeve of mine that comes with CC from time to time and it isn’t the fault of CC but when a show comes to an end of the show, just about 5 min before the end of the show, I find several shows dropping the CC before making the switch to the next hourly show. I find it very annoying because generally the last 5 minutes of the show usually holds the viewers’ with a climax and missing that really annoys me but perhaps this could be an issue explored with the BC station to enchance the CC quality for its viewers of any kind who use CC.

  • I would not participate in this poll. Polls of this kind do not give an accurate picture of the captions. It can result in the kind of misleading results, thus hampering our efforts to get the CRTC to act on what we want them to in order to improve the captioning quality.

    Too dangerous to participate in it.

  • All most stations are well closed captioned execpt knowledge which needs more closed captioned every projects

  • Most of the stations are pretty good. not less or more. Quite satisfied

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