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Mini-Film Fest Flyer

Check out the attachment below to learn more about the exciting upcoming film festival!

NEW Mini Film Festival Flyer

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2 comments on “Mini-Film Fest Flyer

  • Caroline, the films are owned by a USA company, Purple Communications (a Video Relay Service) and BC Cultural Society of the Deaf and Deaf Canada Conference Vancouver ’10 Society were given the permission to show the films only because it is a film festival, and a fundraiser for DCC 2010. The films cannot be copied or shown on the internet.

    If your Deaf association works with BC Cultural Society to have a different film festival – you must ask the company that owns the films for permission and find out their rates or commission. I will be returning the films to the producers after our film festival finishes.

  • Hi Kritan I offer you to ask Max If he likes to come to Prince George B.C. let deaf people watch them OR OR Videotape for Jan 8 &9 th then put Deaf BC spread to B.C. watch this DeafBC I live Prince George Thank you , Caroline S.

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