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DBC, Milan 1880 Congress, ICED

ICED is for International Congress on the Education of the Deaf.
ICED is hosted in Vancouver, BC on July 18-22, 2010.
ICED was Milan 1880 Congress.

Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) is hosted in Vancouver BC on July 2010.
Deaf Canada Conference is hosted in Vancouver, BC on July 11-18, 2010.

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5 comments on “DBC, Milan 1880 Congress, ICED

  • john david sigurdson

    November 27, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    hey you dan it is very wonderful to see you on the video taped vlog it impressed me so much positive attitude is the most key for this such success congrats to you my next step is deaf tax after hst for those like me self employed deafies deserve the nil tax as well aborginial group has special treatment me think we deaf should have the same way if we use sign language north american native sign language it belongs to every body who like to use sign language world is one congrats to you9 danny murdoch keep up

  • Response to Wayne Sinclair,

    I am volunteer of ICED under Vincent Chauvet, technical director. Umm, what kind of the subcommittees of Hester, Doug, Monte, or Janice. Also I already send my message to Monte about subcommittees last weekend.


  • Response to Patricia Steward,

    please visit this website of ICED and click on this: http://www.iced2010.com/

    Also Deaf Canada Conference, please click on this: http://www.dcc2010.com/


  • Dan, it would be a LOT better if you had joined one of our subcommittees instead of broadcasting this to the community. I’m not trying to be a censor or anything like it, but we have a lot of people working together to try to get the apology from the ICED. I noticed that you did NOT sign up for any of the subcommittees when we had that townhall meeting on October 21st. Let one of our people do the broadcasting about the apology.

    Again, contact Hester Hussey, Doug Lambert, Monte Hardy, or Janice Lyons for more information about the subcommittees which I announced in the townhall meeting.

  • Patricia Steward

    October 25, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Dan
    I tell you that I understand what you say about ICED so much.
    I found out that my friend woman born deaf to live in Italy. She really was so suffer from the teacher. I know I feel sorry about Milan Italy within the deaf teacher removed.
    Also, I love to help and to share each other, friendly and more postively.
    And where will I meet in Vancouver, BC next July 18-22, 2010?
    Let me know about above the notes.

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