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Workshop for ASL Instructors

 Attention ASL instructors!!

 Want to know more about new S.N. curriculum book?

Want to know what is new or changes in new “blue” books?

Want to how to teach with Signing Naturally curriculum?

 If So…

BCCSD is pleased to host workshop for ASL instructors hosted by Julie Martin

Where: Douglas College – Rm: 1606

Date: November 7 & 8, 2009

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

 $50.00 registration fee

 For info & to register contact:

Bev Charleton at bcharlton@deafchildren.bc.ca

or Vincent Chavuet at vchauvet@shaw.ca

 Pay at door, either cash or chq (payable to BCCSD)

 Bring your own new S.N. Units 1-6 texts (teacher/student)

  Julie Martin is the Master ASL instructor at ASL & Deaf Studies of VCC, where she has taught full time for 14 yrs.

She has used the new curriculum text for 1 yr and took workshop with Ella Mae Lentz, one of co-authors of S.N. curriculum.

Julie is looking forward to share her knowledge and experiences with you ASL instructors.

For more information: ASL instructors flyer

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