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XPhoneOnce again, the CRTC has gotten nearly everything wrong!

 In February 2008, the CRTC asked Bell
Canada to test VRS in Ontario and Quebec,
while Telus would test it in B.C. and Alberta.  Before the end of that year, Bell said it made no sense to go ahead with
these tests, and they cancelled their plans.

In the public hearing in November 2008, and in written
comments in January/February 2009, Bell joined Sign Relay Canada (SRC),
Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD), and Canadian Cultural Society of the
Deaf (CCSD) in telling the CRTC that Canada needs national VRS’s, not
provincial or regional ones.

Despite this united front of consumers and telcos, the CRTC
has now stubbornly ordered Bell and Telus to proceed
with the provincial tests.

 As if this wasn’t bad enough, the CRTC has also told Bell and Telus they don’t have to start their VRS’s until 31 December 2011.  That’s right — another two years before Canada
gets VRS in even four provinces! 

To read more on this subject please click on the link below for the entire article:

CAD News on VRS

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