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VRS, 911, CC at CRTC Hearing: Live Feed

Hello BC Deaf Community

Update on Video Relay Services in Canada

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is an independent agency responsible for regulating Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunications systems.

This week, the CRTC is holding meetings where various organizations and individuals are presenting about accessibility issues for deaf and hard of hearing people for telecommunication (ie. VRS, tty’s, 911 emergency, MRC etc.).

Various presenters today and over the next few days include: Canadian Hearing Society, Jim Roots, Henry Vlug Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Bell, Telus etc. and the VRS BC Committee

Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 19th), The VRS BC Committee will be presenting (on issues that were brought forward during townhall meetings in the Spring and in the Fall, 2008).

You can click on the CRTC link, and listen to the live feed or access the captioning for these hearings.

http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/welcome.htm – voice and captioning. You may need to download javascript. You should be able to access the transcripts as well.

(Please note: the times they announce are in Eastern Standard time – you will need subtract 3 hours for B.C. time).

The CRTC hearings will resume on Wed November 19th at: 6:00 am (B.C. Time).

Thank you.

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