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Deaf Catholic priest hosts retreat in Vancouver

Vancouver held a weekend long retreat with Father Mike Depcik hosting.

Sister Glenys Symons, the Pastoral Worker for the Deaf in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, said she was extremely excited when she found out Father Depcik would facilitate the retreat. She added the weekend was a huge success, drawing about 30 people, and he’ll be returning next year.

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One comment on “Deaf Catholic priest hosts retreat in Vancouver

  • Dwayne Hughston

    August 6, 2009 at 6:34 am

    Bonjour, Soeur Glendys,

    I born Roman Catholic then later join Judaism to learn their customs + their way of daily ways., then my heart still feel of Catholic faith. I had a great auntie who was Soeur Grises de Montreal who was blind, taught music to students, and she passed away in 1948. I also have other great auntie was one of Notre Dame d’Evron in Alberta for almost 70 years.and she worked mostly in kitchen and others.
    I still like to go Montreal to tour some very old churches with greatest history, to see Soeur Grises de Montreal’s place + convent.
    Thank you and have Good Day.

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