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Deaf Choir


It is an Art film, directed by Ian Skedd (hearing).

Who were in the Choir:

Kevin Ettinger
Denise Read
Spring Parks
Alma Blackburn
Steve Niven
Jordan Sangalang
Suzanne Dodd
Julie Lampitt
Jil Thompson
Karen Foot
and a youth.

12 people total. It was filmed last February for two straight days.

The intention of Ian Skedd’s art interpretation is the ‘movement’ without sounds. His desire for people who observe his artwork is to interpret what it means to them and what movements, emotions, facial expressions, the overall art “the Choir” interpret.

It is open to public until June 27 at Western Front at 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver. (near Broadway and Main St).

http://front.bc.ca/exhibitions/events/3264 (Western Front link)

Sarah Taylor

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  • Sarah, can you clarify for others about this choir thing? It is really an art work… what they call “installation art” – sometimes video shown on many tv screens…. different kinds… why the man want ASL? etc.


  • Hello

    I just found out about the deaf choir and where is that, etc…Where is the church belong to or what??? what religious are you in or whatever. I am just curious about that. I never hear about it… Let me know..
    Thank you

  • Wow – very cool! Hope we can some day see the video…perhaps on Youtube or something similar : )

  • Caroline Stock

    June 9, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Hi everyone this is not clear to read tiny sentence anyway Let you know that I like choir but I live Prince George anyway Thank you , Caroline

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