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Well-Being Program Workshop “Mood Disorders”-Nanaimo

Well-Being Program Workshop “Mood Disorders” is coming to Nanaimo, BC “What are Mood Disorders: How to Identify and Understand” – What are the triggers (how cause)?- What is the difference between: anxiety, depression, and bipolar?- How does a support system help? Presenter: Eileen Marshall (check out her Bio on the flyer!) Date: Saturday October 30, 2010 Time: 11:00am. – 2:00pm. Location: 67-B Skinner Street, Nanaimo, BC in downtown Nanaimo (see map on the flyer!) To register, please e-mail Donna Potter, WBP Workshop Volunteer for Mid and North Vancouver Island, e-mail: donna.workshops@vch.ca OR Alex Walker, IDHHC-Nanaimo, alex@idhhc.ca, Local TTY: 250 – 753 – 0977, Toll-free TTY 1-877 – 424 – 3323, or FAX 250 – 753 – 9601 See flyer for more information/details including a Bio of the Presenter & Map for direction to the workshop location. Thank you, Lisa AndersonWorkshop CoordinatorVancouver Coastal Health (VCH)Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind Well-Being Programwbp.workshops@vch.ca

www.vch.ca/wbp/ # 300 – 4211 Kingsway Burnaby BC V5H 1Z6

604-456-0900 Voice
604-456-0901 TTY
800-949-1155 TTY
604-456-0904 Fax

Mood Disorders- Nanaimo Flyer

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