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CAD-ASC events in Vancouver, BC May 25-26, 2018

Hello everyone, I m here to let everyone in Deaf Community about important events for you to attend, three events- this coming weekend hosted by CAD-ASC. You all know CAD-ASC which is an national organization which requires English, French, ASL and LSQ. I m here in Vancouver which I know English and ASL but French or LSQ, not really familiar so want to warn viewers that I will sign in ASL and flyers in English- No French as we are in West Canada. 

Three events, Friday evening, presentation which is special by CAD-ASC President, Frank Folino and then Saturday afternoon townhall will be general discussion with community, then  Saturday evening, will have beer and burger. If you want know more information on those events and meet and social with the President, Frank Folino and the tickets, please contact Leanor Vlug which will be posted down. Thank you. 

Leanor Vlug: cadsecretary@gmail.com




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