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Dr. Adam Kosa: First Deaf Member of European Parliament

The national committee of FIDESZ approved the list of European Parliament representative candidates on 17 January 2009. It is an unrivaled historical moment, because Hungary has understood and undertaken that a Deaf person can also represent their fellow countrymen.

On June 7th, 2009 Adam WON a seat in the European Parliament!!

What are the positive aspects of it for Hungarian Deaf and Hard of Hearing community? They can take their own destiny in their hands, because their national president will directly represent Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. They shall have the opportunity to make significant progress for the whole disabled community in Hungary and in Europe alike.

What did Dr. Ádám Kósa, the 12th candidate say? “It would be a great honour and privilege to represent the interests not only of people with disabilities, but the whole nation as the first Deaf and sign language user to represent in the European Parliament.

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