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Mike Perry Missing from Kelowna

Missing deaf man found safe in Alaska
By Daily Courier Staff
Friday, April 24, 2009

The deaf man reported missing last week hitchhiked to Alaska and is staying with a friend.
Peter Perry, 61, left Kelowna without telling anyone on April 14. His disappearance prompted a police investigation. He managed to travel most of the way to Anchorage in one ride, said Midge Close, who interprets for Perry at their church. The friend he‘s with contacted Perry‘s wife, Debbie, on Tuesday.
“They don‘t have a lot of information on why he left,” Close said. “He‘s a very private individual – very friendly to people – but he doesn‘t share a lot of what‘s going on inside of him.”
Perry attended a deaf church in Anchorage. Kelowna lacks a church for deaf people.
He and his wife communicated by videophone on Wednesday night.

This is from today, Tuesday’s, front page of the Kelowna Daily Courier…
Submitted by Gordon Rattray

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Kelowna RCMP are searching for a missing deaf man.

Peter Michael Perry, 61, left his home on Brighton Road on April 14.

Constable Steve Holmes says Perry is deaf, and relies on an electronic device to communicate.

“He is described as Caucasian, 5’8″ tall and 175 lbs. He has a thick grey beard and is believed to be wearing a dark blue nylon jacket and brown rimmed glasses. He has blue eyes and brown hair,” says Holmes.

He says they do not believe foul play is involved.

Anyone who may have seen Perry is asked to contact the RCMP.


BC RCMP website: http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&contentId=9208&index=1&languageId=4

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  • God was with him the whole time, he talked to Mike and Mike is a good candiate/christian, good heart and always a happy man with good positive comments/feedback, I will miss learning more about God from Mike Perry..God is always with you!!

  • There is a deaf church/interpreter in Kelowna at the Willow Park Church.

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