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Accessibility and Business

Accessibility and Business: How to better serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Market

Accessibility is a buzzword that’s being tossed around a lot and while people are talking about it few businesses and organizations have yet to put it into practice. We want to show them how and more importantly WHY.

Join Heather and Kim as they give a glimpse into the lives of those living with hearing loss in a world that’s slowly making improvements but still has a long way to go in accessibility. They’ll share tips on how to make your business, services and website more accessible, accommodating and valuable to people with hearing loss. They’ll touch on the importance of captioning for video content, communications tools and technology available such as video-relay service and TTY and how being an ally to the deaf community will position your business as inclusive, community-minded, and progressive. And we’ll send you off with some basic greeting signs in ASL.

Two student American Sign Language Interpreters will be on hand to interpret ASL to English and facilitate discussion.

Heather Vince works in publishing. She has a strong personal interest in accessibility and deaf rights as well as business and social entrepreneurship, which create perfect opportunities to educate the public on the deaf experience and show businesses how they can be of value to the underserved market of people with disabilities.

Kimberly Wood founded the Hands On Fun Club with Hands On Fun Week in August 2012 which provides workshops for the general public on American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. Kimberly also had done a lot of advocating in the community and helping Deaf and hard of hearing people breaking down the barriers that faced them. Kimberly is VP of External Relations at the Greater Vancouver Association for the Deaf, and was a part of the BC-VRS (Video Relay Service) Committee. 

The workshop/presentation will be held at Manis (10768 Whalley Boulevard, Surrey just up 108 by Quattro http://www.manisrestaurant.com/from 6-8pm, Thursday, April 30th, 2015  

$10 per person, The proceeds will go to Beta collective and Hands On Fun Club.

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