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Deaf Culture Centre’s “Shave and a Haircut” Campaign!

My name is Rachel Burton, an intern at the Deaf Culture Centre this summer. BCCSD has been incredibly supportive as a provincial affiliate organization of CCSD and we are most appreciative of your recent fundraising efforts through the Variety Show. I have some EXCITING news and request for you to share with the members of BCCSD and all Deaf individuals in your province!

As you know, the Candian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) is currently working on many innovative projects, such as the animated ASL dictionary for Deaf children and an LSQ dictionary, among others. We have begun a “Shave and a Haircut Campaign” to sustain our many projects and the Deaf Culture Centre for generations to come.” As part of the campaign, Jim Cripps, a longtime supporter of the Deaf Culture Centre who has not cut his hair since 1983, has graciously agreed to cut off his ponytail and shave his head when the Deaf Culture Centre successfully raises a million dollars. With YOUR help, we will be able to make this happen and see Jim go bald on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at the Deaf Culture Centre’s 5KM run!

Your donation has the potential to be matched dollar for dollar for CCSD’s endowment fund. Your donation will support the effort of receiving a matching of one million dollars for a total of TWO million dollars for our endowment fund! This means that your donation is doubled and stays in the account, while the interest earned will go toward sustaining CCSD projects and the Deaf Culture Centre.

Each and every dollar counts! We ask for you to donate personally online to the Shave and Haircut Campaign by clicking here now. If you would prefer to donate via mail, fax, or in person, you can find the information here!

Make your money count! Please support us now and forward the request to a friend!

Rachel Burton
Intern, Deaf Culture Centre

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