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Brenda Lussier swims for The Ontario Camp of the Deaf

“Brenda Lussier is Deaf and had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Camp of the Deaf when she was a child. Now Brenda’s daughter who is also Deaf, has this same opportunity. Brenda has expressed her gratitude for the existence of a place like the Camp for the Deaf so that people like her daughter can meet, socialize, and communicate with other Deaf children in a fun environment. It has been a wonderful experience for Brenda to watch her daughter have the same fun and adventures that she herself had as a child…”

“Brenda has been swimming all her life and has decided to put her passion for swimming to use. Her goal is to swim across Lake Ontario and raise $40,000 towards the construction of a special water park and splash area that will be fully accessible to younger campers and those with special needs…”

“The Ontario Camp of the Deaf (also known as The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf) was founded as a result of Reverend Bob Rumball’s desire to create a place in the summer vacation heartland of Ontario, where a Deaf child could enjoy everything that a summer camp could offer, but in an environment without communication barriers. The Camp is a place of opportunity for Deaf, hard of hearing and physically challenged individuals, staffed by professionals who are fluent in American Sign Language and are capable of assisting those with Special Needs…”

To read the full article about Brenda’s courageous swim click on the link:
Read Brenda’s Story

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