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BC-VRS Committee Community Meeting *Room Number Update*

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BC-VRS Committee Community Meeting

July 7, 2010
6:30 p.m.
Douglas College
Room #: 2203 Lecture Hall (around the corner from Security office)
Topics for discussion:

1. BC-VRS role
2. Our activities over the past 3 years
3. The BC-VRS Committee view of the Telus VRS trial.
4. The BC-VRS Committee position on other issues.
5. Planned strategies by the BC-VRS Committee
6. The community’s questions, comments and experiences of the Telus/Sorenson Meeting

The BC-VRS Committee wishes to thank the many BC Deaf Community members for the feedback, opinions, shared experiences and questions provided to our committee.  We understand that there is a need to clarify information that is out there about the role of the BC-VRS Committee and the Telus VRS trial.   We invite the community to attend the meeting on July 7th to receive clarification regarding our role and the Telus VRS trial.  We also invite the community to bring their questions, views and opinions as well.

The role of the BC-VRS Committee is to:

1. Advocate for the best VRS possible in British Columbia.

2. Collect the views of VRS, IP relay and the trial from the BC Deaf Community.

3. Represent the BC Deaf Community on VRS and IP relay issues.

4. Communicate the BC Deaf Community views to the CRTC, Telus, Sorenson, Shaw, and other communication providers.

5. Enhance the opportunities for individuals in the BC Deaf community to express their views directly with service providers.

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