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CAV-VRS: August 2016 Update


SRV Canada VRS is coming! Registration will open Sept. 28th!

Currently we are still “Beta” testing the new VRS platform and the user apps, and we are getting valuable feedback from a group of very helpful Deaf users. Thanks to all of our Beta Testers!

VIs and Customer Service Representatives are also participating in the Beta Test, so they will be ready to support you when VRS is launched.

Beginning September 28th, CAV will notify everyone that VRS is ready and you will be able to download apps, register and start making calls. The notice will be emailed to everyone who has signed up for updates.

Detailed instructions will be provided to help you with the download and registration process. In the meantime, if you’ve not yet signed up or viewed our new website, please go to www.srvcanadavrs.ca. This website has information you’ll need as a VRS customer. Now is the time to review technical and equipment requirements for the service.

Stay tuned for news about the exciting official service launch of SRV Canada VRS in September. You can feel the excitement growing for this historic time in our community!

We’ll be in touch again soon!

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