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Posting Policies

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Vlogs and text postings received from the public and posted on DeafBC.ca will:

  1. Deliver information on topics such as:
    1. News on current events in the BC Deaf community
    2. Media interviews
    3. Announcements on issues of relevance
    4. Organization, agency and government services available and updates
  1. Be presented in a clear manner
    1. If all portions of vlogs are not clearly visible/coherent then the vlog will not be posted.

Vlogs and text postings will:

  1. Uphold such regulations as:
    1. Videos/postings must be positive and appropriate.
      1. Information must be presented in an unbiased manner
      2. No profane language or slanderous or libellous comments allowed.
    2. Any posting submitted to the GVAD must not contain anything that can be deemed discriminatory or that victimizes a person or group in any way on the basis of the race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, personal identity (Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing/late deafened/implanted etc), age or gender, class, or because of involvement or lack thereof in the community.


The information contained in DeafBC postings/vlogs has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time obtained but neither GVAD nor its employees, agents or information suppliers can guarantee its accuracy or completeness.  These postings/vlogs are furnished on the basis and understanding that neither GVAD nor its employees, agents or information suppliers are to be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect thereof.  GVAD is not responsible for the content found in any links from DeafBC to other websites.

Also, should your video/posting not meet the standards outlined herein, or should they fall under the category of “commentary” then we invite you to pursue other avenues for distributing this information.

Lastly, the text postings/vlogs that appear on DeafBC.ca do not necessarily represent the opinions of the GVAD.  The positions taken in the postings are not arrived at through discussion among the members of the GVAD, which operates independently of the providers of these postings/videos.

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