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Survey Report: Deaf Building


Video: AJ Brown and Her Arts (5 minutes)


This is a Solo show

Come see my show!  The art work is great!

Thank you


Ahh, this one, I started…

a friend of mine has a book with animal pictures in this book

this picture I had to paint because because it inspired me 

 I noticed a picture of a cute cat

Neat to transfer into a painting

I painted this part with name sludge that means it’s a heavy paint  

[mystery fingerspelled word!]  

then after that I covered it with more paint, coloured paint. 


 Elizabeth is my art mentor 

Something a lot

my cat drinks from the toilet  sometimes 

My cat is real  That’s my cat my cat is funny  

I got out of the bathtub and my cat drinking from the toilet  

I took a picture and then transferred that into this painting 


This one, my friend leanor vlug and I were chatting online one night  

her cat came down, lay down in front of the fireplace to warm up  

then later during the conversation leany said her cat looked like it became a lazy melting cat  

I thought hat was funny a cat  I decided to transfer that into a painting

Friendly Remainder: Local Government Election this Saturday

More information for Deaf Vancouver voters:


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