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Deaf Artist Has Her Own Solo Art Exhibit

A.J. Brown was in a coma as a result of complications from her back surgery in 1986. It was here, that she was touched by the Light of Home. During that, she thought it was just a very vivid dream. She encountered deep peace from this Light.

She paints cats. A.J. knows cats have quite the history surrounding them. They are quirky, interesting and fun to share time with. A.J.’s cat, Rumbles brings her comfort. It is just nice to share the space of home with another being.

A.J. discovered Buddhism in 2006. She is re connecting to the Light of Home, through this way of life. Buddhism is also a comfort for her.

A.J. Brown has a solo art exhibit at the Seymour Art Gallery, 4360 Gallant Avenue, Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC. It runs from Tuesday, November 4 through to Sunday, November 16, 2008. The opening is Tuesday, November 4, 6 30 to 8 30 pm. The exhibition is titled The Ultimate Gift. She wants to share her gifts from the Light, her cat and her Buddhism. She wants to share the peace she receives.

A.J. is deaf and has cerebral palsy. She is a self taught visual artist.


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Deaf Movie Poll

Important Message from Festival Chairperson

Hello all,
I know that some people want to buy tickets for “Forget Me Not” and “Wrong Game” movies. We will continue selling movie tickets on Wednesday 3-4pm and 9pm at Micheal J Fox theater. Again on Thursday 615pm-645pm at Micheal Fox Theater and Friday 6pm outside of Massey Theater.
WARNING – LONG LINE UP! To avoid long line up, buy tickets NOW!
We will be selling”the legend of the mountain man” tickets ($10) at 6pm on Friday inside of Massey theater and after wrong game show at 9pm.
Need transportation to Deafhood workshop on Saturday, Oct 25. You must RVSP by Wednesday. Meet at King George skytrain on Saturday 8AM.

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