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Deaf association files human rights complaint against St. John Ambulance | CBC News


Invisible Disabilities Workshop

Invisible Disabilities Workshop – Feb 10, 10 am to 4 pm

Join filmmaker Cheryl Green for a daylong workshop on invisible disabilities. Hosted by Christ Church Cathedral, the workshop will cover issues related to invisible disability and the Christian faith and how these issues intersect with race, gender, and sexuality. Cheryl Green will also show her film, Who Am I To Stop It, an award-winning documentary on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury.

Registration: Email helen@thecathedral.ca or Phone 604-682-3848 ext. 25.

Cost: $10 to cover the cost of lunch. Financial assistance is available for anyone who cannot pay the fee.

An ASL interpreter will be there. Any other requests for accommodations are encouraged.

Printable PDF:

OVAD’s Oingo at Kelowna


Saturday, Jan 21, 2018
Doors open at 6:30 pm
Games start at 7:00 pm

150- D Gray Road, Kelowna, BC
#55 seniors centre

Bring lots of coins change pay penalties!


Press Release regarding OVAD’s human rights claim against St. John’s Ambulance on CTV


Press Release, OVAD files Human Rights complaint against St.Johns Ambulance

OVAD v SJA Press Release

GVAD Press Release – SJA