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Obituary–Patrick Alexander Hamilton

Patrick Alexander Hamilton

Patrick Alexander Hamilton, August 15th 1949 – May 19th 2017. Survived by his wife Holly Chatron and his children Kyle, Christine, Jeff and Brandon and predeceased by his son Darrel and parents Joan Demer and Alexander Hamilton, he will be missed.

Tickets AVAILABLE for GVAD’s MidSummer fundraising Social and 39th Annual Cornfest/Canada’s 150th Birthday

Tickets Available:

-GVAD’s Beer& Burger Midsummer Fundraising social (Tickets are 20 dollars each, including a burger, and beer or wine or hi-ball.) June 21, 2017, Wednesday

– 39th Annual Cornfest & 150th Canada Birthday
(Tickets are 30 dollars each, including corn, burger, one drink and one-year free GVAD membership) August 26, 2017, Saturday


gvadoffice@gmail.com or
gvadpresident@gmail.com or
contact any of GVAD board:

Kimberly Wood
Ralph Newberry
Wendy Bruce
Tracy Metzger
Ladan Sahraei
Peggy Fee
Zachary Wood
Brayden Walterhouse

Mark on your Calendars! 21st Christmas Craft Fair

Mark on your calendar!

21st Christmas Craft Fair hosted by Deaf-Blind Club will be on Saturday November 4, 2017.

See flyer for more details. Want to sell your stuff?  Send us your registration form before deadline.

registration form link

Come and support the Deaf-Blind!

PDF Flyer

Seeking ASL tutor


I am a hearing individual looking for an ASL tutor. I have taken some ASL classes before, and I am looking for a kind and patient tutor to help me develop further.

I am looking for someone to meet about once a week.

Do you know anyone who might want to tutor me?

Talia Albert

Queer ASL 101 Workshops Instead of Classes – Now Accepting Registrations!


In July we are trying something different and instead of having an 101 course that is 8 weeks long – we are breaking them into 5 (3 hours) workshops. You can opt to only take the Deaf Culture workshop or a couple workshops, or do the entire run. If you have taken 101 before but feel like you could use some extra practice on a specific topic, feel free to register for the workshop that focuses on that topic. We are hoping this format might work really well for folks who found the 8 weeks format hard to commit to for whatever reasons.

Here’s what we are offering:

Deaf Culture 101:
You will learn about Deaf culture, history, community, and ASL. This workshop will be ASL – English interpreted.
July 20 or July 23 or July 30

Workshop #1: You will learn the alphabet, numbers, how to introduce yourselves and identify others on top of learning a variety of vocabulary such as colours, clothes, actions, etc.
July 6 or July 10

Workshop #2: You will learn how to ask yes/no questions and discuss likes/dislikes on top of learning a variety of vocabulary such as objects, hobbies, emotions, etc.
July 12 or July 17

Workshop #3: You will learn how to discuss language backgrounds and identifying people & giving in-depth information about them on top of learning a variety of vocabulary such as languages, food & drinks, etc.
July 18 or July 24

Workshop #4: You will learn how to discuss where we grew up & currently live and learn a variety of new vocabulary related to these two topics and do an overall review of what we have learned in our previous workshops.
July 26 or July 31
*Please keep in mind that if you plan to join our 102 course in September, you will need to complete all five workshops.

If you would like more information and to register, please fill out our registration form: http://goo.gl/forms/XyNYhTqiW53gcTCq1

Also, please do spread the word. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested and also share our event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/305276443255527/

Thank you so much for your support!