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Foster/Adopt Deaf Cats needed

I am a Foster Coordinator for the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA.) We are a non-profit that rescues kittens and cats and places them into foster homes in preparation for adoption.
I would like to reach out to members of your organization to find individuals interested in fostering cats with us. The reason I’m contacting DeafBC directly is we currently have several deaf cats in our system for whom we are trying to locate foster home. Deaf cats are unusually vocal and loud which is causing difficulties as most of our fosters cannot tolerate the noise. These cats are extremely friendly and litter-trained, their only complication is they just don’t know how loud they are. I’ve attached some pictures of the kitties in question.
Fosters could potentially adopt their kitties, or they could continue fostering with us after adoption. We cover all expenses related to food and medical bills while the kitties are in foster and a Foster Coordinator (like myself) is assigned to answer questions or address issues that may arise. The Foster would need to provide a safe home, take care of the cat’s day-to-day care, socialization, and photos and updates for our adoptions website.
Please let me know if you will be able to assist me in my search for foster homes or if there’s a better contact I should reach out to. If you have any questions feel free to email or call me.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


VOKRA TIP OF THE DAYDid you know that plastic bowls can cause acne in kitties? Using glass, metal, or ceramic water and food dishes and frequent washing will keep your foster cats photogenic!

Samantha Fregien

Foster Coordinator, Secretary



Hours of Availability:

  • Mon-Friday 6PM-9PM

  • Saturdays: 10AM-1PM

  • Sundays: 4PM-9PM

  • Reception Hours: Saturday 1PM-4PM

Foster Handbook

Keep the Kitties Safe! Don’t Let Them Escape! Make sure to keep doors and windows closed and remind guests to do the same.

VOKRA is 100% volunteer-run so we may not be able to respond to your email right away, however we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.  


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Interested in ASL Narcotics Anonymous (NA)?

Would there be interest in starting up an ASL meeting of Narcotics Anonymous (NA)?
NA is a program of recovering addicts (similar to Alcoholics Anonymous).  It is addicts helping addicts, and it is funded entirely by passing a hat at meetings (so we are pretty low budget).

Here are some links with information about NA:



If you would be interested in participating, please contact Ivy at the Vancouver Area of Narcotics Anonymous at email

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ONE Contract with Deaf Well Being Program, 300-4211 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C.

~ up to 20 hours per month, 6 month contract with potential to renew

Job Description: Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator and staff, you will work with deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind clients in the Okanagan area who have mental illness with the objective of assisting them to achieve their stated goals. You will travel to meet clients to provide services. The successful candidate will be a well-organized individual who exhibits initiative, flexibility, sound judgment and good interpersonal skills.  Duties include one-to-one work assisting clients in achieving goal(s) that are agreed upon by the supervisor and client. You will assist client to acquire new skills or linking with community resources; communicating all relevant information to pertinent staff; and attending bi-monthly peer support worker meetings when required.

Qualifications:  The successful individual will:

  1. Have completed 80 hours of Peer Support Training and a 30 hour Practicum.
  2. Have personal experience receiving services within the mental health system (required)
  3. Be able to be a role model to deaf, hard of hearing or hard of hearing recovering from a mental illness by sharing common life experiences and practical information.
  4. Have effective strategies for dealing with stress.
  5. Be able to work cooperatively with mental health staff, consumers and family members
  6. Be able to work with a culturally diverse population.
  7. Be fluent in American Sign Language.
  8. Be able to adequately access public transportation.
  9. Be able to present in a professional manner, and
  10. Be empathetic, patient, and supportive.

Duration of this Placement:  6 Months, with potential to renew.

Pay and Hours:  $12.00 an hour, up to 20 hours maximum a month (including meetings).

Start Date: TBA

Closing Date and Location:  Please submit a resume and a cover letter before November 15 to:

Patti Dobie

Peer Support Program at
Deaf Well Being Program,

#300-4211 Kingsway

Burnaby, B.C.  V5H 1Z6

Fax:  604 456 0904 or
Email: Patti.Dobie@vch.ca

Website: http://deafwellbeing.vch.ca/

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Job Posting: Visual Language Interpreter – North Vancouver, BC


MS WORD TEXT (downloadable)



North Vancouver School District (NVSD) provides world-class instruction and a rich diversity of engaging, programs to inspire success for every student. Our goal is to bring communities together to learn, share and grow. Our employees enjoy a collegial work environment, competitive compensation, and fulfilling careers.

As Visual Language Interpreter, you will support students who are deaf and hard of hearing with sign-language interpreting services. As the communications link between students and the external world, you are responsible for facilitating communication between deaf and hard of hearing students with their peers, teachers, and the school community. You will play an important role in contributing to students’ Individual Education Plans (IEPs) by helping teachers adapt educational materials, vocabulary and concepts to assist deaf and hard of hearing students learning in a positive classroom environment.

Additionally, you will help students participate in the school community and recreational activities by accompanying students to assemblies, field trips, team practices and club meetings. Ultimately, your work will help students develop the necessary life and social skills to be successful in the future.

The ideal candidate should understand and empathize with Deaf culture and issues pertaining to deaf/hard of hearing students and possess an understanding of issues and challenges related to the educational context with deaf and hard of hearing students.


  • Five years of experience working with children or young adults in an educational or community setting, or an equivalent combination of training and experience
  • Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and completion of ASL–Level 8 Interpreter Program
  • Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent plus basic First Aid
  • Membership in the Association of Visual Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) and Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters (WAVLI)
  • Working knowledge of adaptive technology

If you’re interested in this opportunity, apply online at www.makeafuture.ca/north-vancouver with your resume, cover letter, and references by November 30th, 2017 at 4 pm. In your application, please indicate the position of interest and competition number. We appreciate your interest in applying; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

From coastal beaches to mountain forests, North Vancouver’s natural setting offers year-round recreational opportunities. The rich multiculturalism of our district is reflected in a wide array of programs and services, including our commitment to supporting the history, culture and traditions of the First Nations communities on whose traditional territories we are located. North Vancouver School District’s values of accountability, creativity, collaboration and collegiality make it “the natural place to learn” for students, and “the natural place to work” for our staff.



Dear Member,

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all Members of the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH), a society incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia, that there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting at 6:00pm on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 in the Strathcona Room at The Arbutus Club, 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

As a result of the feedback received from Members at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, the Board reviewed the bylaws and is proposing changes.

The Proposed Bylaw changes are enclosed in this notice.  Members will have an opportunity to discuss the Proposed Bylaw changes and provide their feedback to the Board of Directors.  Voting will not occur at this meeting, the Board is seeking your feedback to the proposed changes.

The purpose of this Extraordinary General Meeting is to present the Proposed Bylaw changes to the Members for discussion.  At a later date, the Members will be presented with an opportunity to vote on any changes to the WIDHH Bylaws.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Masters, Executive Director

ASL Interpreters and Realtime Captioning will be provided.

Please contact WIDHH if you are Deaf-Blind and require an interpreter.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

MS WORD (downloadable)

IMAGE of Notice