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Feb 28th UVic – Theatre Performance in ASL

Hello All,

On Saturday, February 28th at 2pm there will be a matinee showing of the performance ‘La Ronde’ at the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre. This performance will be interpreted by a dynamic team of interpreters, Mary Warner (hearing interpreter) with Nigel Howard (Deaf Interpreter) on stage interpreting to the audience.

We hope you’ll attend this performance interpreted into ASL.

Please see the attached poster and ticket form INTERPRETED-PLAY-LA-RONDE @ UVIC for more information. Please fill out the section asking how many seats need direct sightline to the interpreter – this will allow the Phoenix theatre to be able to calculate how many audience members are there specifically because this play is accessible in ASL.

Book your seats soon as it is filling up quickly.

See you on February 28th at 2pm

Kristi Falconer
Coordinator of Interpreting Services
Student Advisor
University of Victoria
Resource Centre for Students with a Disability
tel: (250)472-5557
fax: (250)472-4443

AGM: Pacific DAWN-DisAbled Women’s Network

More info: dawn

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009-2:00pm
Red Robin Restaurant
9268 Cameron St.
Burnaby-by Lougheed Mall

Interpreter Provided

Air Canada Ordered To Pay Deaf Man $10,000

Bravo, Eddie Morten!


Poll: BC TV Stations Closed Caption

VPAD+ Time-Limited for Deaf Canadians

UPDATED (as of Jan 30): creditcardpaymentform

Hello Vancouver Deafies,

I’m posting this message on behalf of Darryl Niefer, Viable Representative, ViableDC08

He would like to get the message out, as if there is a number of VPAD+ purchases from Vancouver, he will come out to Vancouver and install for you all.

I would like to emphasize that this is a very special LIMITED-TIME ORDER for Canadians.

~ Lisa Anderson

Hello Vancouver Deaf!

My name is Darryl Niefer, Viable Representative, ViableDC08. Some of you may remember me from Calgary’s Deaf Canada Conference last year in July.

We have exciting news — you can get a VPAD+!

What is a VPAD+? Check it out: http://www.viable.net/product/vpad

Viable uses a different way to order the VPAD+s here in Canada, rather than the regular orders through the US Viable website, which is good only for US customers. Please note, this is a TIME LIMITED OFFER. I hope to have plenty of orders soon and come before the end of January for installations before I go back to the States. Also, other provinces also bought many VPAD+ so this means that right now, not as many left in my stock for Canadians-only.

You can order up to two units of the VPAD+ for $99 US each plus shipping (approx $20.00)! 🙂

Please order ASAP!

Ready to order VPAD+?!!?

Canadians, please follow the instructions below:

How? Email with accounting@viable.net.

Please provide us your name, your home address, your credit card information – e.g. MC or Visa or Discover, etc, numbers, date expiration, exact name from the credit card and numbers from back of the credit card. And then, the Viable representative will give you your receipt at your place during installation.

Also, before the installer arrives, you need to have a VSN (Viable screen name) which you need to register for. What is this? Each VPAD+ must have different VSN. It is like your sign in name, and will show up when you call other people using a VP.

If you don’t have one, please get one now.

Easy to register! Please go to https://www.viable.net/register/vsn1. Hurry!

Please email your new/old VSN and your name to Karunya Saumel, sales manager at karunya.samuel@viable.net

Lastly, please reply back to me letting me know you already ordered and registered your new VSN.

We will give you a new Viable number during or after installation.

After ordered, Viable representative will come and install at your place this month, January 2009!

This is only time of this year that the installations will be done! Because this is a time-limited offer, with limited supplies available.

Sorry for all of those who have been long waiting! Now ready! 🙂

If you have any question, please feel free to email me at viabledc08@gmail.com.

Darryl Niefer

Viable Representative, ViableDC08

VPAD/VV VSN:dwniefer


E-mail: viabledc08@gmail.com