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DWCC & CAD-ASC release series of ASL Wireless Terminology

The DWCC and CAD-ASC are pleased to release a series of videos, a total of 32 videos in ASL and LSQ.

The purpose of these videos are to increase Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing ASL and LSQ users’ understanding of wireless terminology.
What does data plan mean?
What does voice credit mean?
How many MB are in a GB?

Have a watch & learn!

We will release one video every week Tuesday at 10am. PST, one video in ASL, and one video in LSQ.

Both organizations would like to thank Cineall Productions and Scott Jeffery for their work in production and editing of these videos. Captions were added by Michael J Stewart. Additionally our sincerest appreciation also goes to Arista Haas and Rachel Filion for their work in the writing, editing, and the French translations of these terms.  These videos would not be possible without them. Many thanks!


Sharing on behalf of both organizations,
Lisa Anderson-Kellett, Chairperson
Deaf Wireless Canada Committee (DWCC)

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The first video term is: Wireless Service Provider (WSP) as follows:

DWCC posts a Message with an Update

Origin:  DWCC Deaf Wireless Canada Committee CSSSC public Facebook Page
Date: August 9, 2017

Good evening,

The DWCC understands that people are waiting for updated Accessible DDBHH wireless service provider company package information.

There are two reasons why the information is not ready to be shared.

1. CRTC has not approved the plans each company has submitted for their review.
2. We are waiting for more information from two wireless companies for clear information.

Once we get this we will describe information for 4-5 companies with wireless plans in ASL & LSQ vlogs.

Thank you in advance for your patience & understanding.

~ Deaf Wireless Canada Consultative Committee (DWCC)


Queer ASL 102 available on Tuesdays

Queer ASL just wanted to give you all heads up that our ASL 102 on Sundays class is packed full so we decided to see if there’s enough interest in an

ASL 102 class on Tuesdays at Gallery Gachet from 6pm to 8:30pm.

If you’re interested, please fill out our application so we can gauge how much interest there is.

Registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/hE95UOrTMMgssf0V2

Also, please do spread the word.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested and also share our event on facebook:


CORRECT DATE – Greater Vancouver Bowling Club (GVDBC)


CASH Prizes!

BC Playdowns

Canadian Deaf Championships!

Deaf Tournaments in USA! $$$


printable PDF Flyer

download text only flyer

Come out and have some fun at GVDBC 10 Pin Deaf Bowling League 2017-2018!

Anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing is welcome. We accept teams of 3 or more bowlers and need at least 15 bowlers to run the league.

We will play 6 games on the following Saturdays: October 14th, October 21th, November 4th, December 2nd, January 6th and February 3rd. We only bowl for 5 months or 24 weeks, this is shorter than most leagues in Metro Vancouver. The team will have more than one chance to make it into the final playoffs in February. February playoff date will be announced later. The cost is $22.00 for 6 games including prizes every month and will be collected before the game starts.

Join us for a short meeting on October 14th, 2017 at 9am before our first set of games at Revs Bowling Centre (next to Holdom Skytrain Station)

Please be sure to call and reserve your spot now – even if you cannot attend the October 7th session.  No spare, you will have to roll off or pay for it even if you miss the games.

League play begins Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Deaf with disability are welcome to play. They will play 3 games instead of 6 games. The dates are

October 14th,
October 21th,
November 4th
December 2nd,
January 6th and
February 3rd.

The cost will be $11.00 for 3 games including prizes per month. Please note you are required to have someone with you at all times.

We will have many exciting events!

  • Provincial 10 Pin Deaf Bowling Playdown
  • National Deaf Championships
  • Travelling to USA for North West Bowling Association of the Deaf (NWBAD) tournament in March.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact:

Jeanne Durnion (President)                   



Bilingual ASL-English Family Storytime for Families

Bilingual ASL-English Family Storytime for Families with children ages 0-5


September 15
October 13
November 10
December 8

Time: 10:30am. – 11:30am.

Where: Oakridge Branch
#191 – 650 West 41st Avenue

Printable PDF

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

Lindsey Krabbenhoft, Children’s Librarian
Vancouver Public Library | Oakridge Branch
#191 – 650 West 41st Avenue

 t: 604-665-3904 email

VPL on Twitter | Facebook | flickr