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You Knew Denis Day?

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To Canadian Deaf Friends:

First, let me introduce myself to you: I am a long-time deaf magician and writer. Last year I published my book–“Silent Magic: Biographies of [59] Deaf Magicians in the United States from the 19th to 21st Centuries.” I am now writing another book on the biographies of up to 100 international deaf magicians around the world. Canada has at least seven Deaf magicians. I finished writing the biographies of Petit Pierre of Montreal, John Addie of Quebec City, and Clifford Saulnier of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am trying to get some biographies of Siamak Ashrafinia of Caligary, B.C., the late Denis Day of Vancouver, B.C. and Neil Marshall of B.C.

Now I am writing this email to ask you for your kindest assistance. For the past months I have been trying to obtain an obituary of Denis Day from Dr. Clifton Carbin and other Canadian deaf people but they did not have it. I sincerely hope you may have it. If so, please send it to me. It is my understanding that Denis had passed away in the fall of 2006, as I was told.

I wrote an article about deaf magicians including Denis Day in the April 1970 issue of The Deaf American magazine. Also, I had met him at the first Deaf Magicians Tournament at the National Assn. of the Deaf Convention in Minnesota in the summer of 1970.

I shall greatly appreciate your help to see if you have some printed materials about Denis Day and his expertise in magic, and some photographs as well, somewhere in your files or elsewhere. Otherwise, can you please ask anyone in the B.C. Deaf Community if he or she remembers Denis Day? If so, please have him or her send me an email with some stories or the printed materials about Denis Day. Does Denis have a brother or sister? If so, I would like to contact either of them.

May I please hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you very much for your kindest cooperation with my book project.

Sincerely yours,

Simon J. Carmel, Ph.D.
International Deaf Magician, Lecturer and Writer

9339 Bridgeport Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33411 USA

E-mail: simoncarmel13@aol.com
VP: 866.957.0797 or 561.204.5466

Deaf Interpreting Workshop in Edmonton

Workshop for Deaf Interpreters and hearing ones that work with DI that will be in Edmonton on Friday, April 03, 2009


An Offer from RBC with the RDSP Process

POSTPONED — Check new post

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
Provided by: Royal Bank
Location: Brodie Hall at WIDHH
When: Friday, Feb 20 at 7 PM
Please RSVP to Susan Masters at smasters@widhh.com

Deaf School Video in YouTube Semi-Final!

We would like to let you know that some of our middle years students participated in the national video contest “Racism…Stop it”

The entries were narrowed down to 49 semi-finalists, and guess what? MSD was one of them!!!! This week, they will be contacting the 10 finalists in person (haven’t heard anything yet).

This year, the competition has introduced a new prize – and the winning team will be determined by you, your friends, your family and the general public!

Starting Monday, February 16, and open for one week of voting, simply visit the Competition’s YouTube web site to vote for your favourite video among the 49 semi-finalists which of course is MSD!

Click on the link below to vote, starting Monday. Our video is #14. You can view the video immediately, but voting does not start until Monday.

Spread the news!!!!!!!!!!


Len Mitchell
Manitoba School for the Deaf
Supervisor, Student Life and Services

Actress Needed for Student Short Film

A couple of Langra College film students are looking for a female ASL signer (20-30 yrs old)

For their film project… there will be several spoken language included in the film; Korean, Spanish, Japanese language

They have script ready to go…. They are planning to have it filming during the first week of March, YES, a very short notice!!

If you are interested to help out or gain some experience in the filming or just for the fun!!

Mike maelcomsoul@msn.com and Ruddy kodphantomw@hotmail.fr

Thank you
Vincent Chauvet