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Seeking Signing Support Workers to join our team in Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC in the Fall of 2018



Perhaps you will consider this unique job-that-comes-with-a house for yourself or perhaps you know of a signing support worker who would be delighted to live and work in Duncan on Vancouver Island. Please forward this advertisement on to individuals who sign and organizations serving people who sign.


We are a team dedicated to supporting a Deaf individual to live a good life at home and in the community. We have openings coming up for one or two fluent signers who share our values of caring relationships, compassionate communication, supported inter-dependence, mutual respect, shared laughter and equality.  Duncan is a vibrant rural community half way between Nanaimo and Victoria. We think this is a perfect job for a visual language interpreter or a signing support worker.

We may hire one person for both positions (30 hours per week) or we may hire two different people (15 hours per week each).

To apply, email us to tell us about yourself and how you might be a good match for our team. Email: lindadiana.hill@gmail.com as soon as possible with a cover letter, resume and list of references.

1. Signing Good Neighbour (Live-In Support Worker)

You and your family will live in the upper half of a two-story duplex in exchange for providing 1 hour of direct support per day plus being home at night (15 hours total). The duties are:

  • support the individual (who lives in the ground-floor suite) by stopping by for a neighbourly check-in each morning and evening, and by occasionally helping the individual to manage anxiety, stay organized and solve problems (7 hours of direct support per week)
  • to provide safety and security, you are paid 7 on-call hours per week and you agree to be home at night (or to arrange for an approved respite provider to stay overnight in your home when you are away)
  • to communicate with team members through emails, phone calls and occasional meetings (less than 1 hour per week)

In this rent-exchange arrangement, you are paid a salary of $1100 per month (equivalent to $17.00 per hour for 64 hours per month) and you pay rent of $1100 per month including heat and utilities.


Your home is a well maintained, 3 bedroom 1100 square foot second floor suite with a large sundeck in a nice neighbourhood 4 km from downtown Duncan. You share a driveway, laundry/storage room and a large yard with the individual you support who lives on the ground floor.

This arrangement is set up to be healthy, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. You will be supporting a very nice person within a live-in caregiver arrangement that is a fair exchange with clear boundaries and a clear job description. The signing good-neighbour has two days off from these duties each month and has three weeks of paid vacation time each year.  We are very proud that during the 15 years of hiring signing good neighbours, each good neighbour has stayed with the team for an average of five years. 


The preferred date for the signing good neighbour to move in to your new home is sometime after August 1 and sometime before March 1 2019 – our current signing good neighbour is being very flexible so that we can find just the right person. 

2. Signing Home and Community Support Worker

You will provide up to 15 hours per week of tactful, compassionate home and community support (1, 2, 3 or 4 afternoons per week including some weekends). You will assist the individual in anxiety management and activities of daily living. You will support communication between this individual and Hearing people who don’t sign. On weekends, you will help to plan and enjoyably carry out social and recreational activities in both the Deaf and Hearing communities and possibly with your family and friends.

The pay ranges from $14 to $17 depending on your training and experience.

The next step is to email us to tell us about yourself and how you might be a good match for our team and when you would be available to start.


Email: lindadiana.hill@gmail.com as soon as possible with a cover letter, resume and list of references.



VRS Canada SRV update for MAC and PC app

SRV Canada VRS

SRV Canada VRS E-Newsletter | App Updates for MAC & PC

Nouvelle en LSQ / français ci-dessous

Dear Subscribers,
SRS Canada VRS continually strives to provide a quality user experience for our customers. As such, we recently released software updates for the Mac and PC app.

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To start the update process, please close and reopen your app. The update should occur automatically.

If not, we have posted additional update instructions on our website.

Also, for instructions on updating your Mac you can watch “How to install and de-install Live Video Plugin on Mac – Step Two” video.

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Thank you
SRV Canada VRS Customer Service Team
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Bulletin SRV Canada VRS |
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À nos abonnés,

SRV Canada VRS veille continuellement à fournir à notre clientèle une expérience de qualité. Dans ce cadre, nous avons récemment lancé des mises à jour de l’appli pour Mac et pour PC.

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Sinon, nous avons affiché des instructions supplémentaires pour la mise à jour.

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ASL trailer for “Les Filles du Roi” at York Theatre May 20, 2018


Fugue Theatre, Raven Theatre and Urban Ink Productions proudly present the world premiere of “Les Filles du Roi”, a new musical by Corey Payette and Julie McIsaac. 

“Les Filles du Roi” is running May 15 – 27, 2018 at The Cultch’s York Theatre in Vancouver (Opening May 17). The show at 2pm on Sunday, May 20 will include ASL interpretation. All tickets for this performance are 2 for 1. (Use promo code “Deux” for the discount.)
More info: urbanink.ca

Looking for Professional Deaf Artist:

An arts organization is offering a workshop presented by a professional Deaf artist for June 13th, 3:45PM – 4:55PM. We are offering a honorarium to a Deaf facilitator at the workshop for a conference called Unrestricted ran by BC Alliance and Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance. Please send an email to theatreinterpreter@gmail.com with your interest and a brief description of your experience.

The Strange Case of the Singing Toadfish and its Bizarre Mating Behaviour | Ocean Matters Lecture

Date: Tuesday, 22-May-2018
Time: 7pm (doors 6.30pm)
Price: Free, but register to guarantee your seat
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium
ASL Interpreter: Yes
Webpage: ocean.org/oceanmatters


Join us for a fascinating look at the Plainfin Midshipman Fish. Learn about this strange and wonderful singing toadfish that can be found on beaches right here in British Columbia! These fish have many bizarre and wonderful courtship behaviours. They also have an unusual parental care system where the males are the sole protectors of the young. If this is not interesting enough, these fish also have light emitting cells on their body that they use to hunt prey!

Dr. Sigal Balshine, a professor from McMaster University, has been studying these fish and their strange behaviour for over 10 years! She will reveal little known facts about these incredible fish and how they are helping biologists understand the evolution of mating behaviours of all animals!

This event will be signed by an ASL interpreter. Any questions contact ruth.sharpe@ocean.org