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WBP Workshop “The Four Agreements: A Deaf Friendly Interpretation”

Subject: WBP Workshop ” The Four Agreements – A Deaf-Friendly Book Interpretation ” in Abbotsford , BC – Sunday April 19, 2009

Who? Jodi Birley and Lisa Anderson

When? Sunday April 19, 2009

Time? 10:30am. – 4:30pm. Refreshments will be provided but for LUNCH, you either pay $5.00 for us to order lunch OR you bring your own lunch. Let our Fraser Valley workshop volunteers know what you plan to do when you register, thank you.

Where? Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley, at the Clearbrook Library

Who contact? Jenni Alexander, at blueflower127@hotmail.com or Sonja Franke at sturner4@hotmail.com

To see colourful flyer, see attachment!

This Workshop will be Coming Soon to: Nanaimo

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4 comments on “WBP Workshop “The Four Agreements: A Deaf Friendly Interpretation”

  • Lisa Anderson

    May 7, 2009 at 10:17 am

    Gene, please contact me at lisa.anderson@vch.ca

    Thank you,

  • I wish I was there to learn more..and I need a contact from Lisa Anderson and Jodi Birley..it is related WBP please contact me..

  • Hello again,
    This is a note to say, thank you very much everyone and now the workshop is FULL!
    Thank you for your interest 🙂
    Excited about the workshop on Sunday! *smile*
    ~ Lisa Anderson

  • Hello all,

    Just a note, a few people have told me that they were “going” to the workshop, which is GREAT! But, what is happening is people are not realizing it is *required* to register, for confirmation of attendance.

    I would just like to take a moment to remind people they need to register to let us know they are coming to the workshop.

    The reason for this are a few: we need to know how many people we need to feed (snacks, lunch), smile. And this is a special workshop – prizes are given out, everybody will be going home with a little something! So we want to be fair and make sure we have enough prizes to give out! smile.

    Thank you for taking the step to register and let us know you are coming!

    Please e-mail ONE of the volunteers if you plan to attend:
    Jenni Alexander: blueflower127@hotmail.com OR
    Sonja Franke sturner4@msn.com

    Thank you,
    Lisa Anderson (lisa.anderson@vch.ca)

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