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Hats off to Peggy Fee


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  • Hi Forrest,

    Thnak for sharing information about Hat off to Peggy Fee!

    Love this photo of Ron and Peggy with beautiful parrot on their vacation place.


  • Yup, Peggy has spend many hours of volunteering for GVAD, and other associations/clubs. Same with her hubby Ronald. Since I first join GVAD .. both are always around helping GVAD and BCDSF, volunteering for Corn Party and other events. Peggy is not afraid to speak out of her strong opinion and can be very stubborn and negatives .. smile .. but she’s really a friendly person. They are a wonderful couple and deserve a break from volunteering and enjoy life together whenever they can. Hands Wave!

  • Happy retirement life couple!!

  • No pix on “Hands off to Peggy Fee” or is it my dang computer?

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