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ICSD Letter to CDSA and Canadian Athletes

14 February 2011

Dear Canadian athletes of Winter Deaflympics 2011,

We want to take the time to express our deep apologies for the cancellation of the 17th Winter Deaflympics. Our hearts go out to you and all of the winter athletes who invested time, energy, effort and expenses you put into your training.

We started legal action here in Slovakia, to help your national deaf sports federation recover the expenses related to this Deaflympics. We have also provided your federation with the means to ensure support from your country’s embassy here in Slovakia for the reimbursement efforts.

As much as this experience has been devastating to us, ICSD is using this experience to make sure that this never happens again. During our Board meeting here in Slovakia, we are working on a plan of action to ensure we continue to provide the high quality Deaflympics that have always been the pride of Deaf Sports.

ICSD will provide a letter of support to your National Deaf Sports Federation, aiming to ensure that wherever possible, you will continue to receive support for your continued training in your sport and to attend the next Winter Deaflympics.

We wish you all the best as you continue to participate in Regional Championships/World Championships and the next Winter Deaflympics.

Warm Regards,

President Craig Crowley On behalf of the ICSD Board Members

International Committee of Sports for the Deaf Governing Body of Deaflympics, recognized by International Olympic Committee 528 Trail Avenue; Frederick, Maryland 21701 USA FAX: +1 301 620 2990 E-mail: info@ciss.org

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