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Canadian Deaf Women’s Conference

Canadian Deaf Women’s Conference website has been UPDATED! Check it out!

This is a reminder to register for Canadian Deaf Women’s Conference (CDWC). The deadline is on February 24 as an Early Bird Combo. You can contact Para Witcher atregistration@cdwc2011.ca

CDWC Chairperson Maryann Chmiel’s vlog:
Contact: chairperson@cdwc2011.ca

For Facebook users: You can type: “Canadian Deaf Women Conference 2011” to find more information.

Website: www.cdwc2011.ca

The schedule and workshops are ready on the website:  http://www.cdwc2011.ca/en/reg.html
Contact: Judy Ercolino or Peggy Anne Gordon workshops@cdwc2011.ca and booths@cdwc2011.ca

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