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DeafNation Expo 2011/2012

The DeafNation World Expo 2012 will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the perfect place to truly bring the Deaf together under one roof, where exhibitions, workshops, entertainment, sporting activities, activities for the children and so on will come together to provide three full days’ worth of many hours of presentations, education and socializing for the attendees. The best thing about the World Expo, aside from the socializing and cultural/language opportunities, will be the free admission to all events.
More Information on www.deafnation.com/dnwe
DeafNation Expo is the foremost touring trade show for, by, and about deaf people. DeafNation provides exhibitions and entertainment around the United States at no charge to the public.
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Feb. 5: Miami, FL
April 2: Greensboro, NC
April 9: Warren. Michigan
April 16: Austin, TX
May 6-7: Riverside, CA
**2-Day Special Outdoor Event**
Sept. 24: New York City, NY
Oct. 8: Pleasanton, CA
Oct. 15: Portland, OR
Nov. 5: Chicago, IL

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