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Townhall Meeting *Cancelled*


There will be a town hall meeting for ALL Deaf British Columbians and
hearing friends at Douglas College, New Westminster, on Thursday, November
18 at 7:00 pm.

This is to follow up on the New Era document that we successfully obtained
from the ICED to abolish the 1880 Milan Resolutions.

What do we need to do now from now on?  There are various issues that will be discussed which include the BC school for the Deaf, government influence over Deaf infants, who should operate VRS in Canada, supporting the Canadian Association of the Deaf, the role of the Greater Vancvouer Association of the Deaf in the community, and the Deaflympics.

It is ALL Deaf British Colunbians’ right to know what is going on in their
community and help to deal with issues productively and for the benefit of

Wayne Sinclair will conduct the town hall meeting but all Deaf British
Columbians will be given an opportunity to prioritize issues.

The room number at Douglas College will be announced.

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