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Garbage Can Contest Update

Annual Garbage Can Art Contest & Auction
Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Sees A Switch From Garbage Cans To Metal Umbrella Stands

Come and cheer A.J. on! Also, Come to cheer on the other Deaf artists!  Come watch me in action and watch me get dirty, with paint, of course!!!

Twenty-five artists will take part in the four hours of creative madness, turning plain metal umbrella stands, provided by the event sponsor, Granville Island Ferries (www.granvilleislandferries.bc.ca), into works of art.

In previous years the artworks have been created out of metal garbage cans, but sensing that they had perhaps saturated the market for these large decorated cans, and wanting to provide something that would be suitable for more of today’s smaller urban homes, organizers this year have chosen to switch to a smaller metal umbrella stand

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