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Christmas Craft Fair

What a Spirit of Christmas!

We are seeking people who will help run the annual CCF this year!

Eddy Morten and Karen Ursulak would like to see if anyone is willing to be the Chairperson for this event, and also, for people to be involved in committees (Deaf-Blind, hearing and deaf for this year).  We are planning to hold the event Saturday, November 27th, 2010, venue to be determined.  It will be for fundraising for the Deaf-Blind Club.  There are not any staff to help with this from DSS this year, so if we don’t have a strong committee, we will not be holding it this year.

Please let Eddy or Karen know if  you are interested in chairing and organizing the event, or being on a committee for it. Eddy email: eddy@deafblindservices.com, Karen email at kdurs@shaw.ca

Hope to hear from you very sooner.

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