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Live the life you love, and love the life you live!

Background: I am thankful for my family, for they have shaped who I am. I am a CODA, a Child of Deaf Adults (both parents), and I have a Deaf sister. As a child, I interpreted things well beyond my years, and did so effortlessless and fluidly. As an adult, I see what a gift it was that I could be a bridge between worlds. I share some of my coda experiences in my stand up comedy – there is humour in all things.

Education: My coach training is from The Coaches Training Institute based out of San Francisco, CA. I will be a Professional Certified Coach in Fall 2010. I received my Bachelor of Arts (English) from Simon Fraser University in 2001. I enjoy the every day teachings life has to offer.

What is Coaching?

Are you ready to:

  • reach your greatest potential?
  • lead a fulfilling and passionate life?
  • get clarity about your values and live your life fully in alignment with them?
  • have more energy and balance in your life?

Coaching is finding a way to live your best life possible, everyday!

Is Coaching like therapy?

No, Coaching is not therapy. It isn’t meant to dwell on past events – it is meant to propel you into your future – the future you want for yourself.

What can you expect?

From yourself: When you commit to Coaching, you can expect that you will gain focus and clarity about what inspires you and drives you. You will create and accomplish meaningful goals for yourself, and achieve success in your life’s passions.

From me: You can expect that I will be a supportive, honest, and passionate Coach. That we will have fun in the discovery of your life’s ambitions and dreams. I believe that each client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You know what drives you, and you are fully capable of reaching for your dreams!

I would be honoured to be able to help you along your journey to joy and fulfillment. Drop me a line to book a free strategy session: 778-895-5326 or by Email Here

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