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Photos: Douglas Lambert


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  • Did you know there is a FaceBook group of Deaf Photographers from around the world? Avonne’s husband Paul Rutowski is member. His photos show up from time to time. But yours are from “The Best Place on Earth!!” = B.C.

    You deserve to have a photography art exhibit!

  • AWESOME!!! We should establish a photography club before the flowers and trees are blossoming soon!!!! JW

  • Rae-Mairi Fandrakis

    February 19, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    WOW!! Doug. Your pictures are an inspiration to me ! I cannot stop look at all of your pictures, Giggle . All of them are so beautiful. Some pictures you took gave me a flashback , memories of family camping in Tofino.

    I’m wondering is it alright with you to make two canvass-style prints on inside support frame (no outside boardering frame). The pictures I like: # 8 and 10. I able to hang up on my wall. Please? I will pay all supplies fee. I want your signature on them too.

    Steve (my husband) thought about to ask to see if you had thought of making deaf art calendar with it?

  • Doug!! I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely love your photos!! They’re magical and magnificent!! Can I got a photobook of your photos for my coffee table?? Please??

  • i am very adore your picture beauty beach,sky,sunny and water ….. also i want one of copy of your photo for my bathroom or living room frame with your photo are wow amazing . doug is very good job make me adore smile .

  • Doug,
    Your incredible beautiful pictures brightened our days. Enjoy your

  • Doug,
    Your creative and unique photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Hey,Doug
    What a fantanic pictures you took that I love that .. I know you always went there as such as like 10 times since 15 years old .. you are more professional photographer than before you did …smile

  • You did a good job. Amazing photos!

  • Doug, beautiful photos.

  • P.S.
    I forgot to add some words to tell Doug that of course, all of these images were very splendid!! I think I liked Number 5 because it was in focus showed its image very far colourful view of western ocean.
    Thank to Photographer!!
    David Sullivan

  • It was interesting to see. So continue to create in spirit. Thanks

  • Doug, I didn’t know you have such creative artist- photographer!!! Keep up to find more of 1,000 pics in strange shot! Way to go, Doug!!! Fabulous shots!!! You sure did got me caught in the web, beautiful transquil beauty of Natures!!! Amazing! Thank you, Doug!!!

  • Wow…….Your photos are amazing !!!!

  • Maryanne Anderson

    February 10, 2009 at 11:13 am

    “Awwwwww it’s those pictures are sooo incredible beautiful!!! My mouth dropped, staring all those pictures that Douglas did!!!
    Good job!!! Maybe Doug to make a book for funraising ideas????
    smiling… take care! Maryanne Anderson 🙂

  • Doug!
    I liked the number 5 photo, you took and it reminded me historically, British global nautical Captain Cook where he sailed past the long beach or Tofino on his enroute to Northwest Passage, his sailing ship was forced to anchor at Nootka for cutting the tree to replace the damaged sail pole by the sea storm. Then the ship sailed up to Alaska on the greatest long sailing. I wish Doug can snap his camera at the sailing ship there if he was born in 1700. For a good plan for Doug should go up to Nootka, where the Captain Cook site is to take better photos. Keep up your work!!
    David Sullivan.

  • very lovely doug, only sorry we werent there with you 🙂

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