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Poll: DeafBC.ca

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7 comments on “Poll: DeafBC.ca

  • Yes, it is very important to information about update of deaf events etc, reason to keep socials and education together to better future values! Hopeful lead to better community Deaf grow and may lead to fund for Deaf Community building.

    I am happy to see many volg on it, why I am from far Northwest BC area. Please keep up long live runs.

    Thank you for DeafBC.com

  • Please, Please DO NOT get a life Forrest( Smile).
    I find DeafBC.ca to be very important. It is the best way to get information out to people and to keep me informed. I love the look and the quality and the polls are always fun.
    Please keep up the good work.

  • When we were travelling. I like to know what is going on with deaf community at home. I also like canucksvlog too. Thank you for your time. much appreciated!!!

  • Susan Birley
    2009-01-30 06:54:00 ET
    DeafBC is one of excellent resources for Deaf community and Hard of Hearing people as well like what those guys stated above. Wave Hands for your good work, Forrest!

  • Gordon J. Rattray
    2009-01-29 16:11:56 ET
    DeafBC is a top of the line technology oriented news feed. We need it badly and it’s easy to use so far. Anything to make it permanent as history shows that BC deaf news is off and on, GVAD News is dead it seems. Keep up the good work, Forrest! Gordon

  • Yes, thank you, Forrest. I appreciate knowing what’s up.

  • DeafBC is very important network to Deaf and hard of hearing people and interprters in order to keep ourselves well informed about the medical, educational, and social events.

    Can a local newspaper in a very small town stop distributing? If so, how would the hearing people feel?

    Thumbs Up! Forrest (the giggler)

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