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ICED Update

icedGreetings to all,

I have been asked by at least three parties about the rally.

 The negotiations with ICED Vancouver have been going at a satisfactory (but

not perfect) rate with the other side showing their attempt to meet our

requests and an occasional demand. I met with the committee which was

created by B.C. Deaf Community, and we reviewed the document. I met with the

contact person from ICED Vancouver this evening to discuss concerns and

demands from the Deaf communities, and he will be presenting the concerns to

his group. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will go all the way to

meet our strong requests.


We are planning. a two-evening programme for the international community.

Hopefully there will be an entertainment for everyone’s amusement.  In

addition, there will be several speakers to discuss and create an

international network of Deaf communities to carry on the legacy from

Vancouver by working co-operatively to help each and every Deaf community

exercise their rights on various local issues.


I have asked John Egbert of Deaf Bilingual Coalition International to come

and address the international community on Tuesday evening, July 20.  He

will stress on focusing upon languages as a way to obtain education.


David Kerr, by the way, heads Deaf Bilingual Coalition – Canada, but will

not address the group since there are many from various countries, not just

Canada. I mention Mr. Kerr so that you as Canadians will know who he is.


Mr. Markku Jokinen, who is the President of World Federation of the Deaf

based in Helsinki, Finland, will be here for one day only as he will need to

go on to Asia. I hope he will join us on either Monday, July 19 or the next



More details will be shared through upcoming vlogs on YouTube

(TheDeafwanderer’s channel).


The committee does not feel a need for a rally at this time. If there is a

need which is very unlikely, we will set up a townhall meeting and ask the

B.C. Deaf Community for its advice and consent.


If you have any question, please ask me.

 Thank you.

 Wayne Sinclair

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