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Deaf Literacy Initiative Survey

Deaf LiteracyThe Deaf Literacy Initiative is doing research trying to find the answers to this question:

 Why are so many Deaf and Deafblind Canadians unemployed or underemployed?

We have developed a survey that will help us get the information we need to answer this question.

Please fill out the survey and help us get others to fill it out as well.


We would be thrilled if you helped us promote this survey. Your support is extremely valuable as it will help us to answer our research question, and help Deaf adults across Canada improve their Essential Skills and employment opportunities.

We cannot succeed without your support.

 The questions in the survey are asked in both ASL and English.

Please commit to promoting the survey.  Encourage everyone you know, especially members of the Deaf community, to complete the survey. Our goal is a minimum of 30 responses from Deaf adults and 30 hearing adults in each province. With your help, we will be able to achieve this goal.

 Please contact Jennifer Best – Project Manager, jennifer@deafliteracy.ca, 
if you have any questions.

 Warmest regards,

 Jennifer & Bruce

OLES Project Team – Deaf Literacy Initiative Jennifer Best & Bruce Belcher


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