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*Time/Location change* Local Deaf student to carry Olympic Torch

VANOC - 2010 Olympic Torch RelayOn February 11th, the day before the Olympics begin, J.C. Horton will be carrying the Olympic Torch for a portion of the run in Burnaby.

The official torch bearer is Brian Hill.  Brian has awarded part of his Burnaby run to J.C

Brian Hill had hundreds of people to choose from; business associates, friends etc. but one person kept coming to the forefront of his mind.  He said that the Olympics are about pushing yourself to achieve, more than you think possible, despite any obstacles that may come your way.   Brian has watched J.C. grow up and was inspired by his determination to overcome whatever stood in his way.  J.C. was the person that he selected.

J.C. is 16 years old, Deaf and attended the B.C. School for the Deaf Elementary Program in Burnaby.  J.C. is currently in Grade 10 at Vancouver College.  He loves sports and plays basketball on the junior varsity team at Vancouver College

His run time and place has been changed. He will not be running in Burnaby at 11:38 am. He will be running on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver from 4545 W.10th to Trimble street. The time of his run will be 6:48pm.
(On Feb 11th)


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