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Town Hall Meeting January 14th, 2010


There will be a townhall meeting to deal with two topics: ICED and VRS.
Plenty of information will be shared with you all at the meeting.

Date: January 14, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Douglas College
Room: Room 1614

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7 comments on “Town Hall Meeting January 14th, 2010

  • Hello,

    I have a video of that evening regarding VRS. The file is large (it’s 60 min long) and seem to be having trouble uploading it. I will work on it today and try to have it up!

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Attn: Sign Relay Canada (SRC) c/o ICED and VRS meeting

    Hello Hello! I agree with other people’s comments above and it should be included to give out the information to the outside of Lower Mainland (LM). Deaf people who resides outside of this LM area, it would make a big difference to be included too because it would count the statistics in the future. Who knows if we would get more service and expanded provider for across Canada. That is really important to have big support from the rest of BC not ONLY in Lower Mainland.

    You know, people who lives in LM, they are probably the most fortunate to have the access to everything compared to other places in BC.

    So please be more optimistic to support for ALL Deaf not as individuals. Encourage and be firm assertive but not passive tho. 😉



  • This weekend I’ll be posting some information on VRS from the townhall meeting.

  • i was told by a friend to call telus to get the Registrationform for a free VRS service but nobody at telus knows about it is there a phone # or a persons name? pls help me

    thank s


  • Attn: Douglas College c/o: ICED and VRS event,

    To recommend you should post update on DeafBC newsletter after the ICED and VRS meeting due reasoning, most of the deafies live outside of vancouver, bc whom unable to attend your special meeting. We hope you may give out your newsletter what ICED and VRS is all about? for what? Allows outside of deafies bc can view DeafBC newsletter from you and can contact you more easy. Please tell me what is up ICED and VRS’s newsletter what we missed out your meeting last Thurs. Jan.14th 2010


  • I would also like to have the videophone on for the deafies who live too far from Douglas College. I would be too nervous that I might miss the bus going home since the buses usually start to run every hour after 8 to 11 p.m. so it means that I’d have to wait for the bus twice at Transit Connections. It usually takes me two hours during the rush hour to get home from Metrotown. I’d love to chat and meet the deafies but I might not be able to stay more than one min after the meeting is over. I rather stay home than paying Taxi cabs on my home way if I miss the bus. Thanks, Beth Rafferty

  • I wonder Can you get video this on Jan 14th Thurs. ??? Put in BCDeaf then I can watch this what they say about ICED & VRS I live in Prince George B.C. Thank you, Caroline Stock

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