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Mini Film Festival

Film Festival Flyer

Celebrating Deaf Culture in Films
The Canadian Premiere of Mösdeux Productions

 “The Deaf Family”
“A Permanent Grave”
“The Caretaker”

films from local B.C. Deaf producers

Norman Rothstein Theatre
(Jewish Community Centre)
950 West 41st Ave (at Oak Street)
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 2N7


Date: Friday, January 8, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Doors open 6:30.
Tickets: $25.00 each person – includes wine & cheese reception.


Date: January 9, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m. – Doors open 6:00.
Tickets: $20.00 each person for 2 films.
Refreshments sold at intermission.

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4 comments on “Mini Film Festival

  • Here are the film synopses (descriptions):

    Caretaker – “Clem, the caretaker of a deaf school located on an island, has to cope with a new boss. But then strange things begin happening, and Clem tries to get to the bottom of the situation.”

    The Deaf Family “Anything that could go wrong inside The Deaf Family will go wrong! This light-hearted family sitcom is about a dysfunctional deaf family going through trials and tribulations.”

    A Permanent Grave “a drama about Jimmy Leeds, a high school science teacher, who desperately wants to help his students deal with the real world – but he finds himself incapable of dealing with his own problems.”

    Maxim Fomitchev will be at the Film showings to share his experiences in the films he was in (star of the “Caretaker”, and part in “The Deaf Family”.. don’t miss this opportunity.

  • UPDATE NEWS!! All three Mosdeux films have English subtitles for non-signing people to follow the ASL dialogues. Please spread the word for this special opportunity to see the Canadian premiere of:

    “The Caretaker”, starring Vancouver’s own Max Fomitchev, shown Friday evening, Jan. 8
    “The Deaf Family” and “A Permanent Grave” shown on Saturday evening, Jan. 9.

    The B.C. Cultural Society of the Deaf and the Deaf Canada Conference 2010 appreciate the support of Mosdeux producers Chad Taylor and Wayne Betts, Jr.

    Watch for film synopses on DeafBC.ca !

  • Where is the VLOG we sent in to describe this event??? Sent it same day as the VLOG for Audition.

  • Please move this event page and PDF flyer to the Upcoming Events column. A vlog is being sent as well.

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