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Deaf Fest Week

HURRY UP! Buy tickets before SOLD OUT!

Patrick Tarchuk – PSDHH12@rogers.blackberry.net

Roger Desmarais – rowenger@gmail.com

Lisa Anderson – lisa.anderson@vch.ca

David McGregor – super_dave106@hotmail.com

Hester Hussey – hesterh@shaw.ca

Vincent Chauvet – vchauvet@vcc.ca

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5 comments on “Deaf Fest Week

  • Karen,

    You can go to http://www.aslfilms.com and http://www.justmindy.com

    They have several DVD for sale. GO and look! Have fun!


  • Thanks Patrick for posting the numbers here. Interesting to see 🙂 I’d like to add a thanks to Marjorie Cameron who also made a difference, helping with the tech equipment toward the end of the BC Deaf Fest week, I know Scott and I appreciated the extra hand. I enjoyed working with the whole team to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and to provide access for all to the events. I hope we can do another event like this again.. nice to see so many people together at once, which seems a rare thing these days. Thanks Patrick for the opportunity – much appreciated AND ~ waving hands~ to everyone on the Team! Smiles.

  • I enjoyed the deaf fest week! I wish we can have more of it! It would be nice to include something for family with younger deaf or h/h children next time. A special event or children’s movie? maybe that is something we can do in near future.
    One thing I would like a copy of these movies..(all of them) to buy so we can have them in our library at the center to share with families. Where can I get them?

  • Celebrating our sponsors and volunteers!! Many thanks for your support during our Deaf Fest week!
    I am proud to mention our staff and volunteers; Paolo Serena, Scott Jeffery, John Warren, Lisa Anderson, Nigel Howard, Diana Tarchuk, Forrest Smith, Douglas College interpreters, Les McPhillips, Corrina Salvail, Dave Still, Ava Hawkins, Deaf Blind interpreters, Rosanne Dong, Jascine Peterson, Susi Boelndar, Roger Desmarais, Hester Hussey, Fernando Amaral, Vincent Charvest and BC Cultural Society of the Deaf team.
    Our sponsors; Well Being Program, Provincial Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Jericho Hill Legacy Trust, Greater Vancouver Deaf Sports Association, NWAAD 2003 committee, Norwest Deaf Outdoors Club, British Columbia School for the Deaf, Provincial Outreach Program, Deaf Community Foundation, Langley Film Nights, Family Network for Deaf Children, Sorenson Communications, Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf, British Columbia Cultural Society of the Deaf, Greater Vancouver Deaf Curling Club, Preferred Interpreting, BCSD Alumni Association and Lynch Bus Lines.
    # of attendance:
    Deaf History 189
    Deaf Humor 210
    Women from Venus, Men from Mars 225
    Forget Me Not 285
    Wrong Game 320
    The Legend of the Mountain Man 234
    Deafhood 220
    TOTAL 1,682

  • Hello all,
    I know that some people want to buy tickets for “Forget Me Not” and “Wrong Game” movies. We will continue selling movie tickets on Wednesday 3-4pm and 9pm at Micheal J Fox theater. Again on Thursday 615pm-645pm at Micheal Fox Theater and Friday 6pm outside of Massey Theater.
    WARNING – LONG LINE UP! To avoid long line up, buy tickets NOW!
    We will be selling”the legend of the mountain man” tickets ($10) at 6pm on Friday inside of Massey theater and after wrong game show at 9pm.
    Need transportation to Deafhood workshop on Saturday, Oct 25. You must RVSP by Wednesday. Meet at King George skytrain on Saturday 8AM.

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