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Coffee Meetup: Friday’s at Metrotown

Just a reminder that each Friday between 7 pm and 9 pm there is a coffee meetup at Metrotown.

If you would like to come meet by the fireplace in the food court. 



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4 comments on “Coffee Meetup: Friday’s at Metrotown

  • Leanor,

    I am unsure as to who started this coffee meetup. If someone on here has more information, please let us know!


  • Hello Michael,

    This coffee meetup is open to anyone interested in ASL. There are many beginner signers that attend. You are more than welcome to join.

  • Is the coffee for deaf, hoh, and experienced signers only? I’m a very beginning signer and wonder if it would be appropriate for me. I need to jump in for real sometime, but I’ll need a friendly group.

  • I’m curious – who is organizing these coffee meet ups at MT?

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