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Quick Survey on Interpreters and Access

Hello BC Deaf community member,

I, and my co-worker Mia Gordon, have been contracted by Douglas College and Vancouver Community College to review the ASL/Deaf studies and the sign language interpreting education programs.

We value the opinion of the Deaf Community here in British Columbia on the quality of interpreters provided to you in your community. We hope that you can take 10 minutes and complete the survey so that your perspective is part of the information we are gathering.

Please be assured that the survey we are using will protect your privacy and we only will share the final results rather than any one response. We wish to thank you in advanced in participating in this survey. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions and the results will be returned to us.


See video link below for more information:

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to e-mail me at hardy63@live.com

Thank you,

Monte Hardy
Project Consultant

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5 comments on “Quick Survey on Interpreters and Access


    October 21, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    hello cousin monte, you’re working with mr. wayne sinclair. he was my teacher at msd in frederick, md. it’s really surprises me. wow, it’s small world. i would love to ski at blackcomb whistler in b.c. someday.

  • Good job Monte, on your first Vlog! 🙂

    Hope you are successful in gathering many survey responses to give the big picture “answers” what the interpreting needs are for BC.

    See you at the Town Hall tonight.

    Thumbs up,

  • Thank you for your interest and comments.

    I have two comments:

    1. The purpose of the survey and review is to to look at the whole picture of recruitment, training and work opportunities for sign language interpreters. We have been surveying and interviewing Canadian interpreters (including a second survey for BC interpreters), Canadian interpreter education programs, US interpreter programs, parents of Deaf children in BC, and the BC Deaf community. We will be making recommendations to both Vancouver Community College and Douglas College about interpreter training at the end of the review.

    2. In one of my other roles I am part of the BC Video Relay Service Committee that represents the BC Deaf community on issues related to VRS. We have participated in the CRTC (similar to the FCC in the US) hearings held in November 2008. We were hoping to get a favourable decision in the start of VRS in Canada. However, the CRTC decided to only approve a ‘trial’ VRS run by Telus and Bell Canada. This trial does not need to start, at the latest, December 2011. After the ‘trial’ then there will be more hearings with the CRTC scheduled for 2013. This means more delays before Canada will get a VRS that serves all of Canada.

    We are having a townhall meeting with the Deaf community on October 21, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Douglas College in Room 2201. Please come and share your ideas and opinions.

    Thank you,


  • Canadian interpreters can do this. In the USA, many cities, when visited to consider setting up a call center were confronted with “you can’t do it” “there are not enough interpreters” and “go away, we don’t want you.” But it happened anyway. Interpreters will work to build their skills when they have a promise of employment. Keep working. And you need your Canadian government behind you to support this service.

  • G.M. Deaf people need interpter for VRS for VAP+ Thank you

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