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Have you seen Drive TV yet?

Drive TV Vancouver is a NEW project brought to you by SOPOS (Sense Our Possibilities).

Drive TV Vancouver – Deaf Culture Channel – features Deaf Culture and Community events.  Hosted by Craig Loehr & Denise Read.

Here are a couple videos to check out:

Stay tuned for more videos to come!

For more information check out: Drive TV Vancouver

If you have ideas for new Drive TV-Deaf Channel News
please email: Patrick Hennings: drivetv.ph@gmail.com

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3 comments on “Have you seen Drive TV yet?

  • Hey, Craig….Interesting to review your project. I would like to suggest you to do more works to adjust with your TV cameraman to do filming properly. Don’t read your paper too much and too many details on your table to become too vague. I would love to see you accomplish your goal. Work hard and be patient then you will get a great reward. Good Luck with your project and professionalism.

    Land of Magic and Mystery,
    Lewis Hartland

  • Excellent – we do need a Deaf channel and this is a good start. Hand waves to all of you. By the way, just a feedback (if you don’t mind) – for the subtitles, it would be best to have someone who is fluent with English to do the writing.

    I believe this project can be escalated to a TV station if done right and you have my support! 🙂

  • the screen with Craig is too dark, hard to see what he was saying. plus, cut down the reading off the paper….. not too professional.

    Interesting facts of Denise Read

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