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Your Thoughts on Deafbc.ca

The Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf (GVAD) was given responsibility for www.Deafbc.ca on July 1st 2009.

Are you happy with how it has been managed since then? Do you have any comments on www.Deafbc.ca?

How it looks? The information it provides?

Please contact us at vandeaf@telus.net
with your thoughts, compliments, comments or questions.

To stay better informed, www.Deafbc.ca will send weekly emails to subscribers. These emails include all the posts from that week so you don’t miss out on any important events!

Thank you and we hope you are satisfied with this website!

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4 comments on “Your Thoughts on Deafbc.ca

  • I say DENFINITELY!! – no question, because it is worth checking in up to date, keep me in the loop of what events, workshop, news etc. Keep it up and you know you sure rock! Cheers.

  • Oh definitely, DeafBC.ca is something worth checking in up to date, it really keeps me closely connected with my loving community at large in this province! Both informative and entertaining! DeafBC news must shall not die!

    Merci beaucoup to Forrest! *hands wave*

  • Thanks for the compliments!

  • Yes, Deafbc.ca is really helpful as it keeps updating and informing of any incoming events, workshops, news, etc. It is good way to re-check when any events or workshop would be. Any Video demonstration is excellent for us as it is our realistic link.

    Forrest did a marvelous job! Hand waving!

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